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Full SD-Card FatFS Elm-Chan module support for the MSP432 Launchpad

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I have interfaced Bosch BME 280 sensor via i2c with msp432p401r launchpad..and have displayed the output via 430 sharp96 lcd boosterpack..now I have to save the sensor output data to the internal memory... i just need to store temperature,pressure and humidity data ever 60 seconds..can anyone help ??

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Hi, I tried to import the project in the CCS, but it does not recognize the "MSP432-Launchpad-FatFS-SDCard", just the "MSP432-Launchpad-Printf-Support" with many errors. I think that in the last update of MSPWare some #define were modified.



I posted this yesterday, but the post disappeared  :blink:

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Even if the folder is inside the project it's necessary to include in the compiler options?


I tried to include some folders, but many errors keep happening.

- the file "malloc.h" no exists

- archives with directives marked as not necessary






I tried to exclude this files of the building and replace the "malloc.h" by the "stdlib.h". After this the errors , but the code lock after the initial message displayed on the terminal.



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i had the same problem. it seems that MSP432-Launchpad-FatFS-SDCard is not recognized by ccs as a project, whereas MSP432-Launchpad-Printf-Support it is. I copied the files in a new ccs project and fixed some minor issues related to #include files in subfolders, but at compiling i still had some memory issues and others errors.


keep on trying this morning....

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