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Full SD-Card FatFS Elm-Chan module support for the MSP432 Launchpad

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Many members on 43oh have requested support for a full FAT system sdcard stack using the super-awesome Elm-Chan module. This is my attempt at it. The software still needs work. so far I have tested the basics:
  • pwd
  • cat filename
  • ls
1. The 43oh SDCard BoosterPack
2. MSP432 Launchpad
1. Compiled with CCS 
2. MSPWare
Make sure you have msp432p4xx_driverlib.lib in the root of your project or linked for the above install folder.
The software has only been tested with a 32MB card. This is Fat16. Cards 2Gb or greater should work just as well.
Thanks to the following software:
1. ElmChan FatFS
2. TI TivaWare for the SDCard example


Code is on github.



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@@bluehash   Will these be available as assembled boards with tails on the connectors so they will stack?

Yes.. on the order page you can select Female or Female Stacking connectors. They are fully assembled. The price is higher on the stacking connectors as it takes a lot longer for me to solder them.

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Do you have any links where to learn to use a SD card?


Really just use it, no FATs, just saving data.

Hmmm.. crazy as that may be, I have never done it without FatFS. I have written to SPI flash(chip) directly though.


Here is a smal project without FatFS that might help you(not msp430)


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Hi Dale, sorry about that. Looks like the notify me is not working. I have some coming in two weeks time. Can you place a custom order of the SDCard config. That way I'll know to send you one immediately when they arrive.



@@bluehash, are there any "The CardReader- SDCard Booster" boards left? Today the website shows out-of-stock, did I miss my opportunity? Is there another order coming? Thanks!


P.S. I used the "Notify Me!" link on the purchase page a month ago, but didn't get an email indicating it was in-stock again.

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One more question... ;-). I am already using a BOOSTXL-SENSHUB that uses P1.6/P1.7 for I2C. Do you have any preference (technical or just convention) for which EUSCI port to jumper the SD card to use? (on J1/2/3/4)


Also, do you foresee any negative effect on maximum write speed from the jumper?




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