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MSP-EXP430F5529LP CCS6.1.1 linux "surprise" :D

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I installed under linux (Gentoo AMD64) CCS6.1.1

Ran the script to install the drivers (install_drivers.sh)

Started CCS6.1.1

Toke a quick example program, did a build and then ran debug

It wanted to "update" the FET version on the launchpad so "silly" me said "OTAY" so it fails.

I thought "ok not a good thng but let me try this again" it gives "recover" option so I tried that. it fails.

I take ye olde launchpad (now known as victim of random update for the FET)   to work just too see if it works under "lincensed" vindows variant.

It doesn't recognize their is even a FET pluged in.

I have a bricked called a launchpad? Can this thing be resurrected? The code I had originally on the launchpad still works (F5529) but the FET seems to have other issues.

Anyway to fix this thing?

Has anyone had such issues under linux?

Is it possible to use BSL and reload the firmware into the FET on the LP board?

I would appreciate some hints thoughts (maybe even humorous anecdotes?)

I've always been leery about updating tools every time I updated CCS (because each time it's FAILED the first shot and I had to recover then reinstall). It's weird though that someone feels the need to "play" with the tools firmware every new version of CCS.


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