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Better than my first experience with the 0603 by hand. To the extent that I do anything this size by hand (not much as I am too shakey and my eyes are shot), I use a solder paste rather than wire. Holds the component in place, easier to get the appropriate quantity, and leaves my other hand free to hold the component down with a dental pick so I don't displace it. I would definitely suggest getting several small tips, both points and chisel end.


If you want to experiment with tip shape, file an old tip to the shape you want to try. It won't last too long once filed, as the core alloy-- usually copper based-- will erode from heat driven oxidation and flux action, but it is a good way to try different point geometries before buying new tips.

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@Fmilburn: I do own one of these WEP 858D+ (same as Atten 858D+). I bought it after watching Dave Jones review video:




I can't say I used it a lot, but I did rework a couple chips in a PSU I was attempting to fix and it worked great. I also used it to shrink some shrink tubing and it also worked fine.


I plan on doing a follow-up to my video where I use solder paste and hot air and compare the results. I might get around filming it this weekend, will post here so you know (you can also subscribe to my Youtube channel ;) )

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I've used old e-waste to train my soldering skills. un-soldering SMD parts then re-soldering them back.


Ironically Solder-braid at my local electronics store is ~$5, more expensive than that training board -_-



Going this way also trains your un-soldering skills ;) So you could do things like this:

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I gave it another try with another board, now using solder paste + hot air gun. There is always room for improvement but it was a much better result!!


@@greeeg, yeah I have a bunch of boards I accumulated over the years for salvaging components, filled with SMD parts. Thanks for the tip, will definitely use them at some point for further enhancing my poor soldering skills!  :lol:


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