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Canadian, eh?

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Now I miss tim horton's. Been a good while for me. (I didn't live in an igloo when I lived north of the border, but I did enjoy more than my share of tim hortons and poutine, as well as all of the television choices available in any US city, in addition to CBC and a few others not available in the US)

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Welcome to the forum then let us know how many times in a month that you go to Tim Hortons :)



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Well, typically a lot more in the winter!


Do you live in an igloo? What about beaver? And woodcutting? Do you have color TV? DO you have a pet polar bear?


well i also live in Canada...

I could tease you and say that while I don't live in an igloo, I do take my dogsled to work and bring my pet beaver (the moose stays home). I have many COLOUR TVs and we only see black and brown bears here. Also I lied about the sled and pets.


J'eat yet?  Yo brother.  

(Victoria BC)

Hey buddy

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