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Hello,  so im new to all this programming/development platform stuff.  I literally know nothing about it but want to get started.

My background is in programming basics(super super basic) in a couple languages.   My heaviest knowledge is in electronics maintenance and basic theory.

I have a project in mind.  Using TI's Chronos watch as a garage door opener.  I understand there are three different models of the chronos watch.  The one that has been used as a garage door opener previously was the 433mhz model.  This watch has been discontinued but i can still buy it off of ebay.  The new model which i believe operates in the 933 mhz range is available for sale. 


So here goes the questions:

-Can i use the new model as a garage door opener in conjunction with the RTL-SDR or do i have to buy the 433 MHZ model.

-How do i get started in learning how to use this development kit? 

Thank you

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Using the 433MHz version to directly connect with a garage door opener if likely to be far trickier than working with the supplied transceiver - especially if your door opener has anything even slightly secure like rolling codes.


The watch is fairly old and has been on sale with TI a few times, so you shouldn't have to pay much for one. I got a 868MHz one years ago, but then never got round to playing around with it.


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