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Share pics of your workspace setup

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Definitely not as tidy as @@Fmilburn   The bench and desk   The storage   The overflow  

By coincidence I just finished ripping everything out of my little room in the basement, repainting, and installing a new Ikea desk and shelving this past week.  I have a desk with a cabinet to hold p

I was browsing through bluehash's other site, and came across this link showing his workspace (drool): http://www.machinegrid.com/2009/12/the-jerker-geek-desk-workbench/     Personally, I have a

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@SugarAddict Now, I don't feel so bad for having so many MSP430 devices... 6 Launchpads, 2 Chronos, 2 Fraunchpads, EXP5529, 7 RF2500t. I think you have me beat.


Oh... that's just one drawer... It has 2 Chronos, RF2500 (and three T's), 7 LP's, 2 FRAM, 2 of my G2xx3 boards with chip and 6 without chip, my F2274 boards (both versions), my RTC board, 2 touch boosters...


Now, not in that drawer is 1 more FRAM, 4 more LP's, and a jackload of other random boards I've tinkered with. I was trying to put a lot of things in one place so I knew where they were... they used to be all over the place, 2 in a BB, a few loosely wired to other stuff... I'm trying to clean up and get organized. I REALLY just need to get my own home so I can go OCD on an entire room for computer/electronics. I HAD to make that workbench or I would've gone nuts, and even still it's just not enough.

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I realize this is kind of an old thread, but I finally got around to re-organizing my space in the garage.


Here is the Before Picture, kind of my Bob Pease Memorial Shrine on a desk:




Here is the new improved Setup:




Note, I have not moved over all of the parts and tools from the old pile yet. I am hoping to keep most of my stuff in the big black cabinet. Most of the stuff here is surplus stuff from work. We are moving to a smaller building, so I scored the ESD safe bench, the cabinet, the two standard monitors, the chair and the magnifier. The scope I got off of Ebay for ~$400 bucks and the supply is an old AT (not ATX :smile: ) supply in a custom wood box. The 15" Monitor on the left is for the scope and was originaly a custom monitor in a STEEL box for one of our machines. we decided to go with regular displays instead, so it wound up in the boneyard until we cleaned that out about a year ago :smile: Someday it might end up as a display on a mill or somthing more industrial, but I don't know yet. The Computer and the SCSI enclosure were leftovers from IT, as were the tape drive and all of the Hard Drives inside. I am in the middle of upgrading the disk layout since I got a hold of a couple more 18 and 34 GB SCSI drives from the IT pile. The Computer is an old HP workstation with dual PIII 600's inside... I know it's kind of underpowered, but it has two isa slots for my GPIB card and the interface to the universal programmer. And the price was right. I still need to move over my microscope, but I need to figure out exactly where to mount it.

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@@petertux Is that a custom clip holder for your PCB. I like it.


it gets the job done most of the time.

it's a bare metal base and the clips have magnets in the bottom part.


they got me in trouble once when I was trying to debug a pcb that had tiny reed relays. at first I could not understand how that board works as expected when inside the product and gets all weird while in that stupid stand of mine :biggrin:

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