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Share pics of your workspace setup

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Oops, I should've posted here first instead of on the main page.




I know, the first thing you'll notice is all those toys!

I collect these japanese robot models called Gundams. I know I am a "grown up kid".

The black shelf on the left is where I keep all my components and mcu's.

I keep couple of programming books (and some finance books) nearby.

And hidden behind the stash of books is couple of issues of Make magazine. :)


@GeekDoc, I need a work/tool station like that. I love it.

@bluehash/gatesphere/NJC, what do you guys recommend for soldering iron. I have a cheapo one that serves my needs, but I hear pencil thin soldering iron is really good for SMD work, and small components?

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Definitely not as tidy as @@Fmilburn   The bench and desk   The storage   The overflow  

By coincidence I just finished ripping everything out of my little room in the basement, repainting, and installing a new Ikea desk and shelving this past week.  I have a desk with a cabinet to hold p

I was browsing through bluehash's other site, and came across this link showing his workspace (drool): http://www.machinegrid.com/2009/12/the-jerker-geek-desk-workbench/     Personally, I have a

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I counted those boxes too :)

Interesting stuff:

I see 43oh, two mice and a Panavise.


@bluehash/gatesphere/NJC, what do you guys recommend for soldering iron. I have a cheapo one that serves my needs, but I hear pencil thin soldering iron is really good for SMD work, and small components?

I have the Aoyue 2901. Its been perfect for my needs.

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haha good eye. Panavise, multi-hand helper hidden behind it. Next to it is breadboard with nerdkit on it along with avrisp-MkII.

Along with the box of launchpad is 2 boxes of ez430-chronos. I ended up with 2 of them since TI sent me a defective one first time around and let me keep it while replacing it with a new one. Gotta love TI.


I have 2 mice because one of them is a Razer gaming mouse which didn't work too well with my kvm switch. I have 2 towers (headless linux server and windows vista as gaming HP box), and 1 nettop (ubuntu desktop) behind my monitors. My keyboard is connected to kvm which is connected to my windows HP box and linux nettop box.



Thanks for the soldering iron suggestion, btw.

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i had the hakko 936 for soldering (that's when i solder), instant heat-up, good temperature control. to me it's very good value.




it may came from the same factory as the aoyue.


i missed this thread earlier, i should take some photos of my "desk". it's too dark now, may be tomorrow.

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Yes, I can take better pictures, but I cannot upload them. It says invalid file type when I try to upload jpg pictures from my digital camera. The one you see is a jpg from my web cam. Is there a size limit on attachment files? I can send them to you personally if you PM me. As for the mess, you know that is how my workspace usually is. I did not clean it up for photos, but I do give it a good cleaning about twice a year. When I am creating I tend to be extremely focused. My life is also hectic with school and work, so I do not get a lot of time to spend in the lab. When I was a kid, my mother got me a bumper sticker that said "Genius thrives on clutter." Man, I wish I still had that one. ;)


Btw the spring cleaning happens the week before February 28. I get a week off in between semesters.



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...Yea I got that one off ebay for about $100us. Originally I bought a Snap-on Vantage in like 1999 (mechanic remember). The tool is great and I updated the database all the way until they stopped supporting it. About 2006 I bought a used Sun Ls2000 2 channel scope, also Snap-on, because it had a better sample rate and the vantage just could not keep up with what I wanted to do. In 2008 I decided to build a scope because I wanted to just leave my ls2000 at work, and the vantage is too slow, so I built an open source one called a lsc-1m which is described on the Instructibles community at:

http://www.instructables.com/id/LCS-1M- ... Oscillosc/


It can handle like 20k and 20v. He has a new design based in a Microchip DsPic that will support 1m sample, But I already bought the analog one in the picture. It is a Hitachi V-1070. It is significantly harder to setup than a digital scope, but it does look cooler in pictures. It can handle some serious power, like 400v or something, and has a max 100m sample rate. It works fine, but I was thinking about getting it calibrated. I know that you can't see in that picture, but I also have a 2m function generator to the left of the scope. I emailed Bluehash some more detailed pictures.

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I bought an oscilloscope about 2 months ago and its been the best money I've ever spent. It's SO useful its amazing. I'm sure lots of people have heard about the one I got, but I thought I'd mention it again. The Rigol DS1052E - $400. I haven't tested the spectrogram feature yet (who knows how well that works), but everything I've done on the scope worked perfect. The front panel is responsive and overall, I am very impressed. I like it much more than the stupid low end Tektronix scopes in the labs at school. I was gonna do a review on my blog of the scope, but figured thats not the best content for my blog. It's a great scope though.


http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003MY ... B003MYND5A


Edit: I also forgot to mention that I got a cheap old analog HP signal generator on eBay. Is useful, but wasn't worth the $40 I spent on it. I have a bunch of problems with it. Digital signal generators are the way to go.

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Ok, I am going to "keep it real" with you guys. I am a complete slob. I live with my girlfriend, and she's pretty much given up on cleaning up after me. I'm just lucky I don't get yelled at every day about it. Sometimes I clean and organize, but it looks like this again after a week or so. I could have tidied up a bit, but then I'd be living a lie! So, as promised, things are about to get "real" in this mofo.







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