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Share pics of your workspace setup

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Bit late to the party, but this is a picture of my desk. Old, cramped and dirty :P




i do most of my soldering and tinkering on my solid oak 25 year old "living room" table, or quick breadboard testing on the chair set next to my PC's. But really, since i have a one room appartment, the whole place is working/storage space. Beside the bathroom and the majority of my kitchen corner, i think there are no 10 square inches without parts and/or cables ;) so kinda hard to take a picture of one space.


Edit: Hmm, how do i make the full picture appear? there are 3 monitors there :P

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My Mess..

I think this is the natural state of things. I keep cleaning up my workspace, but it seems to inexorably tend toward a condition similar to your photo... :|

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