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Windows 10 failure

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This definitely looks more like an Energia issue then a Windows 10 issue to me. I've had absolutely no problems with any software under Windows 10. It may lack the final UI polish in a few places but everything else is rock solid. The only time I ever tried to use Energia I thought it was dreadful.


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So all this talk about energia working for some, and not working for others has me wondering about this new end user license agreement, ( EULA ). MS states that it has the right to disable *any* "illegal" hardware at their digression. The part that has many people worried, is that "illegal hardware" is not exactly defined in clear terms. But there has been a lot of assumption that it is related to things like modified xbox controllers on Windows - And such.


Anyway, MS going around and disabling "illegal" hardware / software probably is not in their best interest. As all it would take would be 1 bad call on one system, and MS would very soon be history. What I am wondering about though is *if* perhaps this "feature" of Windows 10 is buggy or has gone haywire. The reason why I am wondering about this is that I'm hearing reports of many drivers, and bits of open sourced software not working with Windows 10. People are also having problems with USB gadget drivers for the Beaglebone black. Maybe this is even intentional on MS's behalf ? If so though, it would be a very bad move on their own behalf.


Maybe even the underlying architecture of the OS has changed enough that older driver will just flat out not work correctly ? But in that case why is it that only some are effected ?


Someone with the know how needs to experience this issue. That is someone who know how to trace / debug Windows problems. Someone using strace for windows ( the link I gave above ) could find out exactly what's happening.


Just my way of thinking and dealing with the general public where PCs are concerned - I tend to think most of the time things like this are due to user error. But in this case, I'm starting to wonder . . .

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Well, I can tell you that I have a new laptop ( 3 - 4 month old ) with a Legal copy of Windows 8 Pro on it. As a result I am "entitled" to a free upgrade to Windows 10 pro - Apparently.  I'm not falling for it, as I feel it is a trap. But even if I did somehow get passed that feeling. I do use this system for developing software for embedded systems, and I would never jeopardize that by upgrading to a newer copy of Windows. At minimum, until a good amount of bugs are addressed, and the EULA is either changed, or spelled out 100% crystal clear. As this is my computer for which I paid for with hard earned cash. I will not have Microsoft, or *anyone* dictating to me what I run on my system, or how I run it.


With all that said, I did reserve my own copy of Win10, which I opted to download to a USB flash drive. Maybe I'll install it on an older laptop, or maybe I won't. Right now Windows 10 is not even a priority for me. But, it *is* on my mind.

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