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Looking for an up to date open source toolchain for msp430

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I'm trying to set up an eclipse / gcc / gdb / mspdebug based development environment to work on a custom msp430 based board that the company I work for produce. I have set up eclipse with the tools which come with ubuntu 15.04, and it's almost working apart from a weird bug in the debugger. When you watch a local variable in the main function, eclipse displays an incorrect value. This bug has been around for a while, as I've noticed it before (see this and the following page: http://forum.43oh.com/topic/1419-eclipse-plugin-for-mspdebug-and-msp430-gcc/page-3).


The bug has been fixed in the most recent version of mspgcc from the old sourceforge site, but this is 2 years out of date now, and the development has moved to a project hosted by texas instruments: http://www.ti.com/tool/msp430-gcc-opensource .


I would like to use the most recent version from ti if possible; I've tried compiling it and it builds OK, but I can't find a compatible libc and set of device specific header files which will work with it. When I try to use the libc that comes with ubuntu, it says it's incompatible. Also, when I pass the flag '-mmcu=msp430f5510', which used to work before, msp430-gcc throws an error.


I've also noticed that the msp430 support appears to have been merged back into the upstream mspgcc (and presumably the other gnu tools), which is another way I've thought of going.


So my question is, given all this, what's the best way to go to set up an up to date open source toolchain for the msp430? I could just compile the most recent version from the old sourceforge project, but would rather use something more up to date if that is possible.

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Thanks for the reply. I hadn't thought of doing that, but it would actually be a good solution in this case. Ideally I would rather work with a fully open source setup, but my colleagues are using the paid ccs and it would be good to maintain compatibility with them. (I work part time and move between home and office, and the company don't want to pay for another ccs license.)

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