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Energia MT and MSP432 LP

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I got my msp432 LP and started porting some of my previous code to the newer Energia MT, using the clock library.


I want to measure number of variables from my sensors, and display them on the Sharp LCD board. Namely:

float sensors[15];
Clock clockDisplay;
Clock clockMeasure

void setup() {


    clockDisplay.begin(update_display, 1000, 1000);  

    clockMeasure.begin(measure_parameters, 1000, 100);



void update_display() { 
    screen.text(10, 10, floatToString(buffer, sensors[1], 2, 5, false));    

void measure_parameters() {
    sensors[0] = ina219_A.getShuntVoltage_mV();
    sensors[1] = ina219_A.getBusVoltage_mV();
    sensors[2] = ina219_A.getCurrent_mA();



So I have two clocks, one measuring and storing sensor values in a float array, the other (should be) displaying the values from the float array on to the LCD screen.


I have verified that both the sensor reading and the display to be in working order indepedently, but it appears that the float[] is not accessible to both of the methods, i.e. it is not shared memory.


What are the possible ways to fix this? What approaches should I take when I am dealing with this kind of system? Previously I used millis() inside the loop, to count, and trigger certain functions when the time is appropriate.


It seems to me that Energia MT with MSP432 is really really nice, and I am planing to build all my new code on this. @@Rei Vilo We need more solid examples.


Any help/ideas/recomendations are greatly appreciated.


Best regards,



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