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NuttX Port -- looking for cooperators

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NuttX is one of the better MCU RTOS's I've encountered.  It is designed and written by a team of experts, it comes from the private-sector (so they have to keep focused on things that matter), and the support is good.  And it's open source.



I'd like to port to MSP432.  I would also like to integrate a low-power BIOS into it, because at present the scheduling architecture isn't well-suited to using the ultra-low-power sleep modes on ARM.  This second task, I've already done in large part for OpenTag on STM32L, but integration is never plug-and-play with this stuff.


Ping me if interested!  I'll set-up a GitHub repo momentarily.  You should have an MSP432 Launchpad, as that will be the target board.  If you've worked on NuttX, even better.

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