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My Latest IoT Fail

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I thought that maybe some forum members would enjoy this cautionary tale that I wrote:



It's kinda funny and has a happy ending.


Also just a quick run down on how things are going with the 2015 Hackaday prize:


Currently analog.io is ranked #35 with 56 followers, 5 comments and 29 Skulls.

The top project has 443 followers, 56 comments and 161 Skulls.

Right now it would take 55 Skulls to move to the 10th rank.

10 Finalists are going to be selected on Sept 21st.  While the judging criteria is not based solely on these stats, they still provides a clear signal to the judges that people like the projects.

I would ask very kindly, if you enjoy using analog.io, please, take a minute, sign up for Hackaday and help the project out.

Sign up here: https://hackaday.io/signin?returnUrl=%2Fproject%2F4648-analogio-a-full-stack-iot-platform

The project page:https://hackaday.io/project/4648-analogio-a-full-stack-iot-platform

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By the way, with everyone's help, the project is now number 22, thats exciting.   With only 9 more skulls the project can jump 7 spots to number 15!   Heres a fun pic from this weekend:      

Obviously needs more range

BTW, I'd probably re-title your post to "epic fail that IoT logs" or something Seems your IoT solution did it's intended job fine

Yeah all I can do is laugh, it could have been much much worse if the 9000 gallons filled my basement.


What is also funny is that I called the local water department and told them what happened. Her reaction was very nonchalant. Said "we don't even start to worry until you lose 20,000 gallons." I feel sorry for that guy! She estimated about $50-$60 worth of water.


I guess its a good thing that I don't live in AZ or CA...


But yes it would be much worse if the spill was cause by a IoT actuator. Luckily, so far I have spent all of my time on sensors.



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hahaha ! reading the comment on that page . . .


1cf8039.jpgGreg Burneske

Director, OEM Products - New Business Development

Hey Luke. The company I used to work for -- Winland Electronics -- makes the perfect solution for this problem. Check out the EA800 IP and Waterbug sensor.


Guess the point of the post was entirely lost on him ! Well, maybe not entirely as it did kind of give him an excuse to "spam" you hehehe ;)

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