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Hmmm...  I just realized I said pin 6 for P1_5 instead of pin 7 in my post above.  Nonetheless, something is wrong with your setup.  Does it float around or is it steady and always the same? 


Try disconnecting everything and put the multimeter between P1_5 and ground.  Run the sketch below.  Change it from LOW to HIGH.  What do you get on the multimeter?

void setup() 
  pinMode(7, OUTPUT);     

void loop() 
  digitalWrite(7, LOW);

For fun I just tried the sketch above on mine and I get 0 V for LOW and 3.52 V for HIGH on P1_5 of a MSP430G2.  Now, try it on some other pins both HIGH and LOW to see if just that pin is bad.  If you are getting funny results everywhere then measure between VCC and GND and see what you get there.

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