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Developing with multiple Launchpad simultaneously

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I have multiple MSP-EXP430G2 rev 1.5 dev kits. I am trying to create an application where one launchpad is the I2C master and sends commands to multiple connected launchpads acting as I2C slaves. When I have a single launchpad connected I can successfully upload a program. When I connect multiple launchpads I am unable to upload a program to all the devices. It seems that Energia is always uploading my program to the first enumerated serial port regardless of which port I have actively selected in the menu (Tools >> Serial Port >> COM7). I am using Energia 0101E0016. 


I can workaround this by unplugging all my dev kits and uploading the programs one at a time. It's a bit cumbersome, but it works. However it would be awesome if I could just leave all my dev kits connected and select which launchpad to target. Has anyone been able to upload to multiple devices without constantly plugging/unplugging?

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You could try a USB switch (not a common item, but I am pretty sure I have seen them).

On the stellaris launchpads I have sometimes used the power switch (but don't have that on the 430 LP).


One might be able to wire the serial lines up to a serial switch (i.e. use one programmer section, but have it connected to multiple launchpads through a switch - old serial switches should be easy to come by second hand).


Does TI's flashing utility work with multiple MSP launchpads attached?

(e.g. could you rig up a script to do the flashing using an external program).

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