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CC3100 WiFi+SPI doesn't work

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Hi !! My name is Daniel and I'm working in a project using CC3100 and MSP430F5529.


The project is based on connecting devices to a wireless network. Once connected , the system must read analog sensor data and store them in an SD card.

Storage on the SD card is done through the SPI protocol using a library that I found on this forum , called " pffats " . The problem is that if I make the connections between the microcontroller and the SD card as the SPI protocol the system can not connect to the wireless network. However, if I remove the cables from the SPI connection, the system by connecting to the network. It seems as if it could use wireless and SPI at once. Shipping the code so you can take a look.


#include <pfatfs.h>#include <pffconf.h>#ifndef __CC3200R1M1RGC__#include <SPI.h>#endif#include <WiFi.h>// Nombre de la red char ssid[] = "vodafoneC3E3";// Contrase
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