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I have just published another blog post about the flight controller I have been working on recently and thought you guys might be interested: http://blog.tkjelectronics.dk/2015/08/bachelors-thesis-launchpad-flight-controller:)


The source code is available on Github: https://github.com/Lauszus/LaunchPadFlightController.


A PCB for a BoosterPack has been ordered and should arrive in a few weeks. In case anyone of you want to try it out yourself you can order the PCB yourself: https://www.oshpark.com/shared_projects/9DC5cp8eor simply wire it up on a prototyping board.


The video below shows me testing altitude hold based on the height estimated using the barometer and accelerometer:



There are several more videos on my Youtube channel.


I won't go into that much detail. For that you have to read the blog post and my report: https://github.com/Lauszus/LaunchPadFlightController/blob/master/docs/Kristian%20Sloth%20Lauszus%20-%20Flight%20Controller%20for%20Quad%20Rotor%20Helicopter%20in%20X-configuration.pdf:)


Feel free to leave a comment here or on my blog. Any feedback is highly appreciated!



Kristian Sloth Lauszus

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That looks like good progress! I'm very interested in the optical flow sensor integration.


Most of the Flight Controllers in the market today run using the STM32F series(Cleanflight, Baseflight and Openpilot). Using the Tiva will definitely be a break from that. I'm using CleanFlight on a MassiveRC board for my 250 Emax quad.

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@@bluehash you can star and follow the repository: https://github.com/Lauszus/LaunchPadFlightController, then you will get updates when I add the functionality. I am currently working on a project as a consultant, so I don't have that much time at the moment, but it is differently the next thing I will be working on :)


I am using CleanFlight on several other quads as well, but yes I have not seen any other flight controllers out there based on the Tiva platform.

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