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MSP430 Sensor Node Group Buy

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Starting a group buy thread for the Sensor Nodes in this thread.


Prices are:

Option A: $14.99 per unit

Option B: $19.99 per unit - Si7020 Temperature and Humidity sensor populated


Shipping is a flat rate of $5.


Parts are on order and will be ready to ship in mid September.  Some of the first orders my be processed sooner with OSHpark PCBs.


To place order, add your name to the list with the quantity of each option desired.  Then PM me your address.


Payments are accepted via paypal to lgbeno@gmail.com.  

Pre-payment is optional but it does help me order parts more efficiently.



fmilburn - 1xA = $19.99 - PAID

@@dpharris2 - 2xA? = $34.98

@@cubeberg - ?

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I'm in for one.

Also.. one A version for a member >100 reputation points. I'll also pay shipping. Whoever claims this first gets it.

Please make sure you will work with it, else let someone else have it.

fmilburn    - 1xA      = $19.99 - PAID
@[member=dpharris2]  - 2xA?     = $34.98
@cubeburg   - ?        = 
bluehash    - 1xA      = 19.99
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