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Terminal Programs - survey

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I'm writing up a small article to list out popular terminal programs out there. If you have any favorites, please add them here. Serial port terminals are preferred. If they offer networking ability, that is a plus.


  • Putty
  • Tera Term
  • Bray Terminal
  • CCS's internal terminal
  • Hyperterminal(deprecated)


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often, i like a very very simple terminal program just to monitor async streams from multiple projects.


and tiny enough so that i can run multiple instances on my desktop / or 2nd monitor extended desktop.


here's a couple, both are free:




- PComm terminal emulator.    moxa (from ethernet / serial bridges).


features - auto serial port finding.    -  nice hex display.




- Mosaic Terminal.        (from Mosaic Industries, a single-board-computer supplier)


features -  selectable background colour so it is easy to identify which output I'm receiving.



I find the CCS v 6    terminal window handy of course.




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Putty, sometimes Termite.


Putty at times gets all fussy with serial over USB when the device not properly disconnects. Sometime requires a reboot to sort things out, which can be a pain during development (speaking for Windows 7).


Termite is a very basic application that's much less picky on that front. But the "press enter to send characters over serial" UX is retarded and makes it useless in many scenarios. It also auto detects COM port and baud rate, which is great most of the times, but can get in the way when working with multiple serial devices at once.

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Putty and tera term are good. I still really haven't found anything that I love in OS X.


I was also really happy with just using the OS x terminal and NodeJS. That lets you do some pretty cool customizations.



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