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Hacking a Glideaway Bed Frame

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So maybe it is a sign of getting old but my wife and I decided to get a new bed.  She really wanted one that had an adjustable frame so thats what we got.  It is this model: http://glideaway.com/product/navigate-comfort-base-adjustable-bed/


Part of that is this remote which I know will eventually get lost 




So I started pulling FCC reports on the remote to see if it can be hacked.  https://fccid.io/PCU-JLDK-18-4#exhibits


Hmm that RF module looks familiar... So I started taking it apart and probing the Digital Bus





So at first I thought that the module was a HopeRF based one but after looking at the data, it doesn't match the register set.  More digging and I find out that it is a cc2500 based module.  Heres an example: http://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/low-cost-2-4ghz-rf-module_955344903.html?spm=a2700.7724857.35.1.iKOYhj


The pinout appears to match as well.


So here's where I'm at, if anyone wants to put their hacker hat on and figure out the protocol, here's the data.  Also if anyone has a working familiarity with the CC2500 registers and protocol, the decoded log file is also attached.


Maybe... Time provided, I can create my own remote or bridge this RF protocol to BLE using one of my Sensor nodes.  Just some thoughts, could be a good brain exercise for someone who feels hackery.


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