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MSP430 camera interfacing

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I'd like to interface a camera with decent resolution to an MSP430 but I'm not having any luck finding one. Ideally the camera would have at least 5MP, although around 10MP would be better. I know none of the models of MSP430 have enough memory to receive all that image data so I would plan on buffering it into some kind of external memory or SD card. The problem is that everything I have found so far has either about 2MP resolution or communicates over USB. Do any of you have experience with something like this? I would also be willing to reuse a digital camera if that is possible.

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There is a camera boosterpack reference design. Details in this thread.


Neat! Thanks for that. It's a good starting place.


Maybe switch the camera module to a higher MP one.


I would like to do that but everything I find is only 2-3MP, including the one on that Boosterpack and the OV3660 it can be switched out for.


I suggest bumping your processor to CC3200. You get processing power to transfer images from camera to a sdcard. 


Also a good idea. I suspect I might eventually need something beefier than an MSP430 anyway.



Yeah MSP430 wouldn't be my first choice of a platform for processing or even storing image data... unless the framerate required is really, really low.


I'm just trying to take decent quality still pictures. I won't need to do video and images can be stored in raw format with no processing.

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This is probably obvious to everyone, but... If you don't mind a bulky solution, and don't need the image to pass through the microcontroller, then a low tech way to get high quality images into a SD card is to hack a shutter release (I bought a cheap wireless one for my Nikon that works OK) for a DSLR or other camera that can accept one. Then have the microcontroller close the switch instead of your thumb.

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