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Energia support for MSP432 with CC3100 and Sharp96 boost

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Today I tried using your changes

I have Installed Energia on MAC and I not sure how to port your Library changes in my Energia app

I tried downloading your latest branch fro GIT and compiled using ANT, Compile of branch was OK but generated Energia app can not compile any files, complain about missing header files.

Can you advise way of working to update changes Library in MAC environment

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Included the Galaxia Clock library, Energia v16, MDP432P401R and the Sharp96 display.  Still freezing after running a few seconds, trying to see if this is an issue the Sharp96 library.  Am I being impatient or is it assumed this has been fixed?  Appreciate the hard work!



In the SendToggleVCOMCommand(void) function there is a delayMicroseconds(10); that seems like it would run regardless of the flag to catch the MSP432P401R, maybe this is the reason?

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Hello I am new in this forum and I was searching trying to fix a problem I have with energia 18 and CC3200 with SHARP96 booster pack, I cannot compile the example built in and with energia 16 and 17 it works perfectly

I get 'SPI' was not declared in this scope line 155 C:\energia-1.6.10E18\libraries\LCD_SharpBoosterPack_SPI\LCD_SharpBoosterPack_SPI.cpp:151:5:

I would like to add that if I use launchpad 430FR6959 it works just fine.

is there any way I can make it work with the CC3200?



thank you and sorry if I asked something that I shouldn't

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