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MSP432 Add Hardware Serial Port with Energia

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Hello , 

my problem is , energia msp432 pin mapping allows 2 serial ports. Serial and Serial1.

and msp432 have a 4 hardware serial ports. so i want to add one more serial port to the msp432 energia firmware.

i open a topic e2e.ti.com but they didn't answer yet.

so maybe somebody help me here.



in energia ide , msp432 hardware serial pins are p1_2,p1_3 and p3_2,p3_3.

but msp432p401r also have a two more hardware serial ports. p2_2,p2_3 and p9_6,p9_7.

if we look at the hardwareSerial.cpp file , last 2 lines 

HardwareSerial Serial(0);
HardwareSerial Serial1(1); 

and if we look hardware\msp432\variants\MSP_EXP432P401R\board_init.c file there is just 2 uart implemented with ti driverlib.

but if we write Board_init.c: Board_initUART function like

/* Set P1.2 & P1.3 in UART mode */

/* Set P3.2 & P3.3 in UART mode */

/* Set P2.2 & P2.3 in UART mode */

and i also add other uart definations to above the Board_initUART function.

but thats not working. so i discovery something.

if we just delete something in board_init.c file , purpose of syntax error. like i am deleting ";' charecter one line of code , energia still compile the sketch.

so energia doesn't compile board_init.c file. and i don't know how to compile it. there is makefile file but its not working for me. and i am bad compiling things.

so how i can edit energia msp432 hardware/firmware ? do you have a any idea ? 

thanks cevat

Cevat Bostancioglu 

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You are not alone on this.  Here is my post:

Posted 29 April 2015 - 08:34 AM

Does anyone know how to implement  additional hardware based UART pins for the msp432p401r?  I have looked in HardwareSerial.h  where the Serial object is instantiated. There are clues here and also in driverlib's  uart.h.  In uart.h (and uart.cpp) there is a notation for all methods that indicate that they may be called with a parameter (moduleInstance) selecting which hardware serial module to use ie. EUSCI_A0_MODULE, EUSCI_A1_MODULE, EUSCI_A2_MODULE or EUSCI_A3_MODULE. 

There is also a cryptic notatation in the HardwareSerial.cpp file for methods setModule & setPins which states: "/* Change which pins UART is on */    /* need to implement */."

Will this feature be implemented in the next version of Energia?

I know that I can use SoftwareSerial to implement additional UART connections but why waste perfectly good silicon.

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