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TMS320F28069m Energia Upload Failure

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So I'm trying to compile the BlinkLED from basic example codes, and the code does compile, but when I try to upload it, this is the message I get.


Ensure a jumper is placed on JP7 and that the jumper is removed from JP6, and that the boost switches (S1) are ON-OFF-OFF (UP-DOWN-DOWN), and press the reset button before clicking OK. If the download fails try a baud rate below 38400.


And the problem is, I'm following the instruction perfectly except for the baud rate for that I don't know how to adjust it. But I already set board and serial port configuration  same as the video that Texas Instruments uploaded on Youtube. So I'm wondering if anyone could come up with an answer and help me with this.

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@@Rei Vilo


Thank you for your help, but I've already read your posts but I couldn't follow your guidance since I'm using window 8, not MacOS.

But I did try to set upload speed parameter in boards.txt for c 2000 but that didn't help..


And there was no parameter for upload speed in boards.txt so I just added it in notepad

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