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Wifi.startSmartConfig() using past profile

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Hi all,

I have researched all day the use of SmartConfig example in Energia, but seems like I can not make the example work properly.

After running the Wifi.startSmartConfig() once, and after studying the Wifi.h and Wifi.cpp, I expect it should not be necessary to run SimpleLink Wi-Fi starter again (and again and again...) each time the cc3200 is reset or power recycled.

I can see this problem has been discussed before, but I can not find a solution.

Is it something I have misunderstood, or is startSmartConfig() still not working properly (using Energia 16)?
In case, any proposal for a workaround?



Doing the same thing in the TI CCS is even worse, there the Tera Term output "Starting WiFi SmartConfig"  will not continue after using the SimpleLink Wi-Fi starter.

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