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CC3100 device not recognized

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Hi !


I have a problem with MSP430F5529LP and CC3100 wifi booster pack.


 I have been working without problems pluggin the CC3100 on the MSP430 and I connected to wifi with energia IDE but 3 days ago I tried to pluggin CC3100 to MSP430 and my PC not recognized my device and I don't know why.


I need help because I am working in an important proyect.


Thank you.

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If I only connect the MSP430F5529 to PC, the PC recognise the MSP430 in COM port but when I plug the CC3100 on the MSP430, the PC doesn't recognise it.


It appears a message " USB device not recognised"


I have :


- MSP430F5529 (25 MHz)


- CC3100 WIFI




When I bought the booster pack I had to follow instructions in order to connect CC3100 to wifi and the energia code example "simpleWebServerWifi" was working very well. But last week I pushed some buttons of the CC3100 ( SW1,SW2..) and It stopped working.


The problem is that I don't remember the instructions I followed. 









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Hi !


Thanks for your reply.


I followed the instructions and other instructions that I found on the website of texas instruments and  it continues failing.  Energia code "simplewebserverwifi" hang up in Wifi.begin (ssid, password)


I am sure that I aligned the CC3100 correctly on the Launchpad.



EDIT:  I'm not sure that I understood you but If I connect msp430+CC3100 wifi to PC via USB, the PC recognises the msp430 in COM port but if once connected, I take out the cc3100, PC don
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