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Low cost CAN Bus Analyzer - 25% Off Coupon

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Stumbled across something that might be of interest to the folks on the forum that are working with CAN.  Microchip has introduced a Can Bus Analyzer that will be shipping end of September with a price of $99.00. They have a 25% off coupon good until December of this year which brings it down to $75.00. 



CAN Bus Analyzer Tool from Microchip, part number apgdt002

  • Supports CAN 2.0b and ISO11898-2
  • Intuitive PC User Interface for functions such as configuration, trace, transmit, filter, log etc
  • Enhanced features in the PC GUI for Microchip
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@asgard20032    Since I have a Saleae I initially asked myself the same question.  From what I can see (not an in-depth look), the Saleae excels at looking at the physical/hardware level. Even though it can decode CAN it really isn't a true protocol analyzer. Whereas the Microchip CAN analyzer operates at the protocol level and allows you to more easily analyze the traffic flow (e.g. filtering and logging). It also allows you to send packets from the analyzer to the target(s). Although there is some overlap, they serve two different purposes.


That being said, I am not sure where the feature set of the Microchip Can analyzer falls compared to the other CAN analyzers out there.  Or if it is a decent value for the dollar or a great value for the dollar.  Perhaps some of the CAN experts on the board could chime in on that.

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