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Programming other FR59xx chips using FR5969 launchpad

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I've built a little datalogger using the FR5969, TMP112, and the BME280.  I've been successful removing the jumpers and programming the stand alone loggers using ISP layout mentioned in multiple other threads on this forum. However, there are a ton of wasted I/Os and space for my application, so I've wanted to use a smaller chip.  Enter the FR5949 (ok, just a little bit smaller but every milligram counts)..


When I try to program the new loggers, I get the following error -


tilib: MSP430_OpenDevice: Unknown device (error = 5)
tilib: device initialization failed


Can you use a the launchpad to program other similar chips within a series?  Anyone have experience with this?

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Should be able to. Chances are either a wiring error or error in your board (bad solder joint, missing a pullup resistor** or maybe the RESET line has a capacitor on it?)


** - I can't recall offhand if the FR5xxx series need a pullup resistor on RESET or not. Newer MSP430's like the F5xxx series do not and all others did (47K).

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If you're not sure about your circuit you could always use one of the TS430 target boards. They can be fairly expensive but you could always take a look at the design files to check it matches what you've made. If you've gone for the 40VQFN package there's the MSP-TS430RGZ48C. Not sure there's one to suit the 38TSSOP. (The MSP-TS430DA38 has the right socket but it wired for the G2955 and similar.)

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or maybe the RESET line has a capacitor on it

Oh god you just saved my life ... I made a custom board with F5529 and could not program it. Fu**ing capacitor : on LP there is a 1nF, I had not exactly this value, I put a 10 nF. Bad idea ... I put it off, now it's OK because of you :) I was desperated spending an afternoon on this problem

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