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So I've been planning this for a while - but we were in Vegas this weekend and my wife encouraged me to finally go through with it :)  


The design is actually based off of the footprint of an MSP430 QFN 16.  I had the tattoo artist do an initial sketch, but the final was actually designed in Eagle.  The symbol in the middle is the "Power" symbol you're probably familiar with - but was originally designed to indicate a "sleep mode" or "low power state" - a perfect reference for the MSP430 as well.  


I'll have to post some updated pictures once it's healed - but here are a couple.







So  - does anyone else have any electronics-related tattoos?

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Like it! Does the blue go away or a part of the design? @@Fred might have an electronics based tatoo. Not sure.

If anyone does - @@Fred is a good bet :)  

The blue is part of the design (with some white mixed in to add some depth) - it's supposed to be an electric glow from the icon in the middle.  The red around the edges is just irritation.

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No geeky tattoo for me - just a tribal one that I got about 25 years ago (before everyone was getting them).


I like yours @@cubeberg but it needs a pullup resistor and a capacitor on RST. And do those vias go through to the other side?  ;)

Hehe. You stiff have the RFID in your palm @@Fred? How is that doing?


Also.. anymore members with ink? Blog post time.

@@cubeberg @@Remixed123 can I use your images for the blog, with due credit.

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@@bluehash - absolutely :)  


@@Remixed123 - very nice - one of the most impressive circuit-type tattoos I saw was a negative style as well.  I wasn't quite up for that much ink though :)


@@Fred - I'm planning on adding to it eventually - I'll have to add those in next round!  I suppose you're holding out for a functional cyborg tattoo  :D

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@@bluehash The NFC implant (in the fleshy bit between my left thumb and forefinger) is fine. It's not given me any problems. I've not got round to doing too much with it yet as I've been busy with other things.


The most useful thing is to unlock my PC at work. It's just a F5299 acting as a HID device to type in my password and a TRF7970A NFC reader. Currently it's a LaunchPad and booster pack combo but a custom PCB is in progress.


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