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If you're using one of the latest kernels / rootfs's on the beaglebone black, disabling OTG USB within the main device tree file for the board may solve your issue. Personally, I've never experienced this yet, but I'm powering via USB. Also using a 10k ohm resistors acting as a pull down on the suspecting line may resolve the issue, but this has not been tested by me, or anyone that I know of yet.


The problem stems from the PMIC sitting on the same trace / line as a pulsing signal from the USB port apparently, Related to OTG USB. Read the full post discussion here: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/beagleboard/2yOpE3XYJ1Y/7AT1syqKUGUJ

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In addition, if you have to power by barrel jack, and really want to use a newer kernel. You can get a female USB-A socket, and solder each of the outside pins ( Vusb , and ground ) to the assembly shielding. Essentially shorting VUsb to ground.


Then you connect this to a male USB-A to USB Mini B cable to the beaglebone, and the problem should be "fixed" (hacked ).


Anyway, current kernel I'm using would reboot several times a day ( 4-5 ) and has so far been up for a bit over 15 hours. Using this "fix". Really dpeneds on what your priorities, but I just needed a 4.1.x + kernel that would stay up long enough for me to write code, and test as I go . . .

william@xanbustester:~$ uptime
 13:09:09 up 15:17,  3 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.01, 0.05
william@xanbustester:~$ uname -r
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Dahm ! Ok, so board just rebooted *BUT* No fault to the "fix" we've applied. Long story short, our home is solar powered, and when we pump water we switch to a 30kW Onan cummings generator . . . The tansfer switch isn't always fast enough when switching between the two power sources, and this time caused a power blip long enough for the BBB to reset :/


So have to start over fresh on the testing, but personally am satisfied that it does, and will work.

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