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What am I doing wrong? G2553 + Nokia 5110 LCD

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Cannot get the Nokia 5110 LCD to work with my launchpad and the G2553. First thing I noticed is that when the library example sketch (LCD_5110_main.ino) is uploaded and the LCD is disconnected the backlight pin is floating. Also there is nothing happening when pushing the Launchpad push button 2 that should enable/disable the backlight.


I am using this library:



As I said with the example sketch uploaded the backlight pin (P2.1) is floating with the line below either true or false. No errors or similiar in Energia when uploading the sketch. Also tried just to put the pin high or low with other code and no problem so it is not a hardware issue i believe.


"boolean backlight = false;"


What am I missing here? :)


Kind regards,




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Strange. Changed computer and used a new Launchpad and it worked straight ahead. Well well. Goofed something up :)


I used another library this time though. Don't know if it was the problem.


Used this library from here instead, don't know the difference.


Thanks anyway, sorry to bothering ;)

Kind regards

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