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Code composer Studion Graphing Tool Tutorial

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Hi all,


Just made a tutorial both written and video on how to use the graphing tool built into Code Composer Studio.  I meant to do this awhile back just not had the time until now, hope it proves of some use.








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Cheers for the comments and glad it will prove useful.


You can up the refresh rate a bit, also in the CCS preferences menu under debug is a further option for refreshing the the data (forget the exact setting as on my mobile) you can increase this to 100mS Max I believe. The G2553 wasn't up for that and the code I was running, as it proved unstable so set it to 1000mS, but tweaking the settings you can find a balance.


I have found the watched expressions don't seem to work on local variables, if someone knows otherwise please let me know.


This should work on MSP430 (tested), Tiva C (soon to test) and C2000 (tested).

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