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UART using CC2650 sensorTag

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I am trying to send data through UART from MSP430G2553 to sensorTag CC2650 and then through Bluetooth we are seeong value on BLESCANNER app we are using SPPBLE server program but we are not getting any data on the app .Can any one help me out as i am still stuck on it..

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Are you using TI-RTOS to write the firmware for the SensorTag?


There's currently a bug in the board.c file in tirtos_simplelink_2_13_01_09\packages\ti\boards\SensorTag\CC26XXST_0120. The UART pins are mistakenly configured for a different CC26xx evaluation board (SRF06EB). The corrected version of the offending section is posted below, with the original version shown in the comments:

const UARTCC26XX_HWAttrs uartCC26XXHWAttrs[CC2650_UARTCOUNT] = {
    {    /* CC2650_UART0 */
        .baseAddr = UART0_BASE,
        .intNum = INT_UART0,
        .powerMngrId = PERIPH_UART0,
        .txPin = Board_DP5_UARTTX, // <-- originally "Board_EB_UART_TX,"
        .rxPin = Board_DP4_UARTRX, // <-- originally "Board_EB_UART_RX,"
        .ctsPin = PIN_UNASSIGNED,
        .rtsPin = PIN_UNASSIGNED

EDIT: Wait a second... are you connecting the UART from the MSP430G2553 to those pins? They're already used by the Debug DevPack for the application UART backchannel. With the MSP430G2553 disconnected you can try using a terminal program on your PC to send/receive data between the PC and SensorTag. You can use PuTTY, or CCS has a terminal window under Window->Show View->Other...

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HI you guys :)


I am trying to connect a Lonet 808(gsm/gps) to my Sensor Tag(cc2650) via a groove connector mounted on the DevPack. I think this will make the ultimate IoT device :D

The first problem I am having is changing the Uart to use the SDA SCL as TX RX on groove3. As I can see, the hardware should allow for this change but my understanding of the software is not enough to figure out how to do this.

So my questions are:


1. How do I change which pins UART use for communication? (I am trying to modify the UART echo example)

2. Is there any limitations on how many different UART ports can be open at the same time?


I think my problem is related to Anshs' else please tell me and I will star a new thread.

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