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Embedxcode Strange Errors When Using The Ethernet Library

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Yesterday I found embedXcode and immediately liked the idea of the plugin. I just checked the demo Blink-Project which worked fine.

Now today I tried to write a simple program, containing Ethernet.h and EthernetUdp.h. For that I just included both files with #include <> and edited line 29 in the Makefile to APP_LIBS_LIST = Ethernet EthernetUDP

When I compile the Code, I get a lot of errors (28) from EthernetUdp.h like 'IPAdress' does not name a type or Type 'Print' is not a base type for type 'EthernetUDP'. I didn't change anything in these files and Energia compiles everything without any Problem and as far as I understood embedXcode just takes the same header files as Energia does, am I right?


I use OS X 10.10.3 with Xcode 6.4 and a TMC4C1294XL Launchpad


What could be the Problem here?

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Quick Update:

I tried the same code for an Arduino Project with embedXcode. This project compiles without any errors, so it seems to be Energia-specific.


One thing I noticed: After the first Build the Resources Group appears and is filled with Arduino/arduino, avr, sam. If I chose the TM4C129 Processor while creating a new project and run the first build, there is a Resources group, but it only contains c2000 and cc3200, not lm4f which should normally be the place to look for all these Headers my board needs if I interpreted everything right I read this evening ;)

Could this be a reason for my troubles an if so, how do I fix this issue?

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Hi Rei Vilo, thank you for the support.


I re-Installed Energia this morning. Then I created a new empty embedXcode project with user Library and compiled it for the first time without errors. After that I just included <Ethernet.h> and <EhternetUdp.h>. Xcode throws errors now while compiling, this time its something about SPI which was not declared in Project.cpp.


When I open the same .ino file from the project folder with Energia it compiles without problems.

I checked the projects Header Search Path in the Xcode, it looks as it should to me. Debug: Applications/Energia.app/Contents/Ressources/Java/hardware/lm4f/**, Release: Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer... (my Xcode Window is to small for the complete path :D )


@@Rei Vilo:

I already searched in the knowledge Base for answers. Would you prefer me to open a support ticket over discussing it here?

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The Ethernet library has a sub-folder utility with no header files, so that folder isn't taken into account.


The Ethernet library also seems to be part of those very few libraries that require a certain order for the parameters to be respected.


The benefit of the Help Desk is that it allows to attach files and make support easier for me.

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