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New BeagleCore on KickStarter - $44

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From the FAQ: "The BeagleCore will be soldered right on your custom baseboard. This will make the connection very reliable and cost effective. It also means that the soldering has to be executed by a professional EMS company or by an experienced soldering technician."

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Oh... well if the pads are coarse pitch enough skillet reflow would probably work, but I'll skip this one and wait for the Samsung ARTIK series instead.


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 Yeah, I hear you. However this kickstarter project is meant for "the professional". e.g. it's meant for production systems. I had a chat with several people on the beagleboard.org google groups on this project, including one or more of the project creators. They seem like good people with good intentions. But I'm still dubious. Granted I'm dubious when it comes to *anything* kickstarter . . . The hardware would be good for many professional project, *if* it actually comes into fruition.


According to what I've heard. kickstarter now takes "steps" in order to keep project from ripping people off. Whether those "steps" include more than your local D.A. showing up, pointing a finger, and laughing his rear off . . . no idea.

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But show me the hardware, when obtain-ium. Then I'll be less reserved.



That's our goal and we are working hard to make this come true. Please stay tuned.

One thing I am curious about however. Pricing after this has gone to production. Then when is the projected production date ? e.g. when can the public start purchasing. If any of this can be divulged . . .  



We know that pricing is very important. And we are doing our best to get the pitched single unit retail price of 55 USD down. Right now I can't go into details but we are looking forward to getting the module price under 40 USD. Currently there are lots and lots of things that need to be discussed and done. However we are planning on selling the first modules as planned in February 2016. There is a lot going on here at the BeagleCore headquarters and as soon as we have any news to announce we will be doing it right away.

Beagle Core core@beaglebonecore.com via googlegroups.com 

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