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multi interface boot loader

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I have been programming my Tiva boards with JTAG which works well for development but not for production. I did a bit of research to come up with a versatile system to load code into my Tiva boards. JTAG is very important for code debugging but a serial download or boot loader is also indispensable for production or in field firmware upgrades. Another indispensable tool is Energia. For fast and simple code generation, nothing works as well as Energia. I  have come up with the following interface: a header on my boards with the JTAG pins, reset and TX0, RX0, and power. This header goes to a multi interface board with a wifi to serial interface, a Bluetooth to serial dongle, a USB to serial interface with the FDTI chip and the JTAG pins broken out on a separate header. On the Tiva side all that is needed is a  call to the ROM serial boot loader for a chip with firmware and it automatically works for a blank chip. No licensing issues. This work for any code developed with any compiler downloaded with LM flash programmer except for Energia. Energia expects a ICDI interface as found on the Launchpad board.If you look at the Arduino, it uses a serial download. 

After this long intro, what would be simpler:

Modify Energia to have a download (and serial monitor) interface compatible with the Tiva ROM serial boot loader


Capture and convert the Energia output to a .bin file and download it using the LM Flash Programmer 






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