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[Energia Library] RTOS Libraries for MSP432 on Energia MT

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I am unable to compile the "Task Library" and "Timer Library" examples for Redbearlab WiFi mini EMT. It can not find the timer.h files. Do we have to something extra (add some files) to compile these example? Also what are the time limitations for Redbearlab WiFi mini EMT?


I haven't tested the RBL WiFi mini. I targeted the MSP42 and CC3200 LaunchPads.

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I've submitted three projects at Hackters.io about Energia Multi-Tasking and the Galaxia library.

How to run multiple tasks on a LaunchPad? We're using two different solutions, one standard and another based on the Galaxia library. By Rei Vilo . 


How to manage a single resource across multiple tasks? Semaphores come to the rescue. By Rei Vilo . 
How to send data across tasks? Mailbox can help! By Rei Vilo . 
Feel free to click on Respect Project!
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I've just released version 2.0.1 of the Galaxia library.


I've updated the Galaxia library to release 2.0.1 with revised and better examples after feed-back from Hacksters.io
The library comes with an umbrella file Galaxia.h for an easier #include1
#include "Galaxia.h"
Because SWI has been removed from RTOS for Energia MT 0101E0017, SWI And SWITrigger are no longer operational.

Find more at https://github.com/rei-vilo/GalaxiaLibrary.

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Thanks a lot for this library, it simplifies everything !


Just a small interrogation I did not get the implication of this comment:


Because SWI has been removed from RTOS for Energia MT 0101E0017, SWI And SWITrigger are no longer operational.



I could not find the rationale behind that (as well as any clue about when the SWI removal in Energia's github). Does that means that I should also stop using SWIs in my code using Energia?

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I don't have any use cases in mind, but I had the following mental model:


Hardware interrupt handled in a HWI whose role is to simply trigger a SWI that then handles whatever need to be done to handle the interrupt.


But if it's a good practice to bypass the SWI, I'm fine with it :)

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First of all, welcome to the forum.


You may find better success with your question if you start a new post rather than adding to a post that is 9 months old. As to your question you may want to try searching this site for previous posts on implementing a frequency counter. If you can't find what you are looking for then please start a new post and I am sure that someone will be able to help you out.

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The RTOS elements implemented by Energia MT vary according to the distribution. Some elements are no longer supported, other elements disappear then come back.

Please refer to 

  1. Clock recommended over Timer

Please note this is a work in progress. Some libraries may be available only as pull requests awaiting validation at the Energia GitHub repository. Other may be unstable and not fully tested, especially under critical conditions. Lastly, some RTOS elements may have been removed from the last distribution of Energia MT.

 More broadly, How-To: Porting Libraries, Some Misconceptions about Libraries and Posting a Library for Energia may help you.

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