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Rei Vilo

[Energia Library] RTOS Libraries for MSP432 on Energia MT

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I'm exploring TI-RTOS and developing easy-to-use libraries for Energia MT.


The idea is to encapsulate each RTOS element into a class. Up to now, I've implemented the following libraries:

  • Event library with choice of event number Event_Id_00 ... Event_Id_31
  • Semaphore library
  • Mailbox library
  • Timer library

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The just released Energia 16 comes with the libraries I've developed for RTOS:

  • ClockLibrary and example multiBlink_with_Clock
  • EventLibrary and example MultiEvents
  • MailboxLibrary
  • SemaphoreLibrary
  • SWILibrary
  • SWItriggerLibrary
  • TaskLibrary
  • TimerLibrary

All the libraries are available under the menu Files > Example > 10.Multitasking and come with examples.



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I've bundled all the libraries in a single package, called Galaxia.



Why the Galaxia name? With LaunchPad, BoosterPack and Energia, let's stay in space and explore new galaxies! :)

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I am unable to compile the "Task Library" and "Timer Library" examples for Redbearlab WiFi mini EMT. It can not find the timer.h files. Do we have to something extra (add some files) to compile these example? Also what are the time limitations for Redbearlab WiFi mini EMT?


On the other hand if I remove the timer part from TaskLibrary example it runs okay. Does this mean there is no timer support for Redbearlab WiFi mini?

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