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cc3200 webserver behind dynamic ip address

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I have a cc3200 which is connected to my home network. I would like to be able to access it from anywhere in the world using my iPhone. The issue the router only has a dynamic ip address which can change at any time. So how do I deal with this??






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Same way you'd deal with it on a PC ... Use a Dynamic DNS service.  Something like this: http://www.noip.com/free

Since this is your home network, it's possible you can leverage your existing PC or a server in your home environment to "update" the dynamic DNS service when the IP changes.  Then have the router pass through the necessary ports to the CC3200.

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You could either pay for a fixed IP from your internet provider or use a service such as Dynamic DNS.  If you Google Dynamic DNS you should find a number of providers.


EDIT:  looks like spirilis and I were responding to you at about the same time.

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Two other solutions I had thought off --


1. Using Push Notifications. Any time the external IP address changes, it pushes a notification to the phone with the new IP address. (Android GCM or IOS Push Notifications).


2. Second is having an external data base living behind a static IP. Every time the dynamic IP address changes it will update the database with the new address. The phone would first query the database to look at the latest address, and then connect to it, (Very similar to dynamic DNS)


Of the three which is the best solution. What can be done to make it secure.


In 2-3 we will need to map phone to latest dynamic address. Should I use the phone number or do these things have any another unique identifier.


The second thing is I need to somehow write a function in Energia that can get the external IP address -- I wasn't able to do this the last time i tried,.


The third issue is security and easy of implementation. I think push notifications might be the most secure but the most complex to implement.

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