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CC3200 Wi-Fi Sensor Tag coming soon.

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TI's sensorTag page shows the Wi-Fi version as "Coming Soon".

Seems to be based on the CC3200 MCU. @@cubeberg and @@Lgbeno will be definitely pleased.



Woah!!!  That would be awesome!  I'm not sure if the new BTLE sensor is any different - but my main concern with the old design was the need to pair the device whenever you wanted a reading - so if you wanted constant readings the only option was to drain the battery.  Would love to see what the code looks like to keep power usage down.  

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There is mention of a beaglebone gateway on that page as well.  I found some info on the IBM Bluemix site that uses BTLE 4.0 - but the sensortag page mentions 6lowpan and Zigbee (they all go to the same estore product though).

The BB gateway is probably the BBB communicating to IBM's Bluemix cloud service. The version 1 of the sensor tag can do it with BLE over a smartphone or the BBB.

However for lopan and zigbee, there has to be something on the BBB. Maybe the gateway is a cape?

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TI has a reference design page for the BBB which uses a USB CC2531EMK.  http://www.ti.com/tool/CC2531EM-IOT-HOME-GATEWAY-RD#buy

There is also a wiki pager on 6LoWPAN which references a USB CC2531EMK http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/Contiki-6LOWPAN-BBB#CC2531EMK'

Must be what they're referring to - assuming the technology is compatible with the new sensortag.

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