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CC2650 STK SensorTag Devpack Debugger

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Probably more like the XDS on the MSP432 LP- the chip on there is a TM4C1294NCPDT just like on the MSP432's debugger. The tag connect footprint is likely how they upload the initial XDS firmware on the programmer's TM4C129 chip. Tiva launchpads' ICDI has a similar tag connect footprint for that purpose.


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I'm using the nRF51 for Bluetooth IOT work, but the new sensortag product line looks interesting. The debug devpack page suggests it works only with CCS and IAR; is there reason to believe it might work on Linux (gcc+openocd)?


On the other hand, it looks like TI's still using their own HWREG-based API instead of CMSIS mapped structs on the CC2650. So it's probably not worth wasting time.


I guess TI is uninterested in trying to take market share away from other ARM vendors by making it easy to try out their solution.

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