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Program the MSP430F5418A using USB to UART

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Hi everyone. I have a question to ask about this topic. I have a USB to UART which pin  consists of:-

i. VCC                (DVCC)

ii. TX                  (P1.1)

iii. RX                 (P1.2)

iv. DTR              (RST/NMI/SBWTDIO)

v. RTS               (TEST/SBWTCK)

vi. GND              (DVSS)


I connected to my MSP430F5418A as in the bracket. So, basically I will use UART serial interface in order to program my MSP. I tried to program my MSP by using CCS v6. I selected the family and device type of my MSP and I chose UART as my connection. When I click identify and it there was an error which it can't identify target CPU. How do I fix this so that I can burn and program my MSP? Is it something wrong with my pin connection? The USB uses  PL-2303HX chip. Attached also the picture of it.



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There is BSL Scripter (slau319) and there is already prepared script for 5438A that should work for 5418A too.


slau319\BSL_Files\BSL Scripter\Demo Scripts\5438A_Application_Download

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