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cc3200 and external SPI wiring

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Dear All,

I would appreciate some help from you here.

I am using Energia v0101E0014 (v15)
The uploaded picture shown  my 3200LP jumper setting.
The 3200LP is using SPI to talk to Cypress CY5FRAMKIT
The Cypress kit is using its default 5V setting on jumper J5.
So I connect P3.1 (5V) to feed the Cypress power.

My Wiring for cc3200 is as below

CC3200  Signal Name

----           -------
P1.7  SCLK
P2.3  CS
P2.6  MOSI
P2.7  MISO
P2.1  GND
P3.1    5V

However I can't read/write data to it.
I was able to use the same kit in Arduino platform, so the kit is good.
 DO I need to anything special to the CC3200 default jumper setting in order to use the above SPI pin iterface?
 What is the CS pin number in Energia code if I use P2.3 as the CS ping? Is it number "8", "18" or ... ?

Thanks in advance.


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