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Why is the Stellaris LM3s obsolete

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There are a mulitude of reasons that a semiconductor manufacturer will obsolete a product. For example, by redesigning the product using a new process they can improve performance and reduce the die size which can significantly reduce cost. This keeps them competitive in the marketpace.

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I still own 4 of the pre tiva LM4F120 launchpads. As far as renaming goes, I heard the same as above - pronunciation. It is also my understanding that the Stellaris LM3S' ( which we also own one of those with the OLED screens ) had very serious errata issues . . .  We had plans on using these in a project, when my buddy, the EE in our project put the brakes on. Because of these errata issues.


A couple of years ago we moved on to use the beagelbone black, and havent looked back since . . .

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The Wikipedia page on Cortex-M gives a decent comparison between the various architectures.

A little reading and thinking about how the LM3S overlapped with TM4C, and what TM4C offers on top of that shows why the LM3S was deprecated.

 Hi, I agree about Issue, but many product where based on Stellaris and also if bugged we got them working in a reliable way.

 What is not completely done on TIVA renaming are version interchangeable to old Stellaris in a pin to pin way.

 Where many of us used or developed project on these silicon this abrupt NRD and retirement got all near bankrupcy. It costed to me more than 500K euro and at almost other experienced this bad behaviour. Now new product where announced like useless MSP432 has nothing to do with MSP and nothing appeared for a pin to pint for at almost Lm3s smallest device to preserve all development and certification of product.

 Also E2E was migrated from technical forum to an useless "like push" and bla bla bla punching who really address technical.

 Tiva in this time appear as game for selling million of useless $10 launchpad but none assured it lifetime so it is IHMO not reliable for a new design.

 StellarisWare was more stable complete and bugless than TIVAWare.

 A lot of old device like LCD ready to use panel disappeared and this is another font of big monetary loss to who trusted on Stellaris.

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