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Got this via Wiznet's newsletter.

WIZwiki-W7500 Free Sample.jpg






An LPC cortex M0 talks to the Wiznet 7500 chip via a UART.


You have to fill a form and pay shipping+import duties if any.



Good luck and post here if you get in.


WIZnet is currently offering to give out free samples of our new product, WIZwiki W7500, just for our valuable customers. No need to create an account to get this offer. Offer is only available in the "Free Sample" section at our online store; www.shopwiznet.com/bookmark/free-sample. Customers are responsible for shipping and import taxes if applicable. Limited time offer, while supplies last. 1 limit per person.
For more information, please visit the following link; www.shopwiznet.com/bookmark/free-sample.
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You have to fill a form.



See quoted text.

Yeah, I click that text and it takes me back to the same page.


Below that it states:

Please download the "Sample Request Form" and fill out the form and e-mail it at sales_team@wiznettechnology.com.

But no link to the "Sample Request Form" from that page. You have to click on that device / image, then its page pops up and under "Downloads", the "Sample Request Form" is shown. Can't say anything about someone else, but I can't open it unless I download it first: MSWord pops an error.


Anyhow, something like this might be nice for doing cell-site monitoring, i.e. the cell tech has a 'hot-spot' configured on his laptop and can drive by the site, check things and move on.

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