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Is this safe to power up?

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I'm going to carry the LP and the original neat little box is great and compact. However the extra MCU doesn't look safe in the box and it's floating around. Just found out it's possible to stow the extra G2211 on the remaining slots on the LP, like this




However, is it safe to power the LP up with the extra MCU? Will it going to damage anything?


Thanks in advance :)

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Just push the extra MCU in a piece of antistatic foam or something, and let it float. It is IMHO much safer than this construct where an accident can bend it or something.


Anyhow, as far as I can remember, there's nothing connected to those pins, so as long as you don't put anything to the headers you will probably solder on, it should be safe. Check the LP schematics though.


Edit: I mean check the LP schematics and the PCB layout as well.

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