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[Energia Library] radiohead library on msp430

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I need to use the radiohead library (http://www.airspayce.com/mikem/arduino/RadioHead/ on my msp 430G2553. To do that, i use energia with the radiohead library. After that, i try to use them with an typical exemple but it is not working. I do not have any library. When i use the same exemple with arduino software i have no problems.


Excuse me for my bad English,


Olivier G

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I haven't worked with the Radiohead library, but when I have ported Arduino code to Energia I have found interrupts and AVR specific code to be the biggest problems.


The interrupt code is usually easy to address-Arduino has a pretty simple interrupt model: dedicated interrupt pins that can be linked to the ISRs (attachInterrupt() sets everything up) . The Energia model is total flexibility: almost any pin can be linked to an ISR. To port, you have to define the Energia pin that the interrupt will be connected to; use pinMode() to set it for input and then link the pin to your ISR with attachInterrupt().


If you have AVR specific code (direct register references usually) you have to rewrite it since the registers don't exist in the MSP or Tiva processors. Often, the direct access is used in the Arduino code for performance or timing issues so the porting is problematic.




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