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Asynchronous Serial Communication between Two MSP430G2553

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I am looking for a sample project developed in Energia which implements asynchronous serial communication between two MSP430G2553 boards.


The overall system is supposed to work as a chatting system. Each board should work as a transceiver, i.e., both transmit and receive data. Each board will send letter/word using ASCII encoding. I can find few stuff similar to this, but not in energia platform. If there's no sample code available, I would like to know the answers to the following questions:


1) Which option should I use for such communication? UART or I2C? 

2) What can be a decent baud rate for such communication?


Please let me know if you have any question. Thank you in advance for the support. 

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When two parties serve equal roles (so no master/slave system) UART is probably better, also I2C is meant for inter-IC communication (that's what I2C means), so when you're using boards on fairly long distance (over 1 meter/yard) you should not use I2C.

When increasing baudrate, your chance for errors increases too. When using chatting or the such, the classic baudrate of 9600Bdps is fine, for very long distances (say over 10 meters/yards) you should consider using RS-422/485 drivers to boost interference resilience.

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Thank you roadrunner84. 


I was also thinking about UART. Do you know about any energia sample, implementing such a system? I found one such example here. But it's implemented in CCS, which I always found very complicated. Any energia example will be much appreciated! 

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