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Connecting Multiple MSP430G2553 to a Single Computer

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I am trying to connect two MSP430G2553 launchpads (in order to program/control) to a single computer. I thought it would be a simple task, but something is not going right. Do I have to run two instances of Energia (by running the program twice), or I can switch COM interfaces within the same instance. I guess someone must have tried it... please share your experience, or some pointer to online resources are welcome as well. 

I understand, my question sounds a bit vague, and confusing. Please let me know, if you require additional information to answer it. Thank you in advance. 

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Is far as I know, you basically CAN'T program multiple launchpads this way using Energia.

The COM port you select in Energia is just for the console interface, the programming interface is not visible as a COM port. The driver just selects the first FET it finds.

You could either use a gang programmer, but then you can't use serial, or make one launchpad act as a programming hub, while using the serial interfaces over USB. Note that in such a case you'd have to remove the RESET and TEST jumpers from the slave Launchpads, since you'll be connecting these to the hub using jumper wires.

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